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Zombie pigman NOT naturally Spawning In Nether Portal: READ BEFORE YOU LABEL AS DUPE



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      Phone - Android - Motorola Droid Turbo


      NOTICE: I have MCPE beta version, check the screenshot of the portal, it won't let me use that version for some reason

      Zombie pigman are not spawning in nether portals, I have 2 sets of 16x16 portals set up and have waited 30 mins without a single spawn. I have made a report like this last version, and it was labeled as a duplicate, even when it was the only report of it's kind, the only other similar one was that zombie pigman DID spawn, but didn't transfer through the nether portals... However that was not my report, and this is a basic game mechanic that works on Xbox and pc, and used to work in previous versions before the 1.2 beta started. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update and yes, in these screenshots I am in hard game mode, which according to the wiki means I should have a 75% chance on average that for every tick I should have at least 1 zombie pigman spawn
      Math: (two 16x16 portals is 512 portal frames, on hard ZP spawn chance is 3/2000, so 512 multiplied by 3/2000 is equal to 1536/2000 or roughly 76% chance per tick that one ZP should spawn)


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