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Creative Mode Mouse glitch



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      Windows 10 - PC


      I am a Windows 10 Edition player and, I use a mouse and keyboard. Sometimes I want to build something in creative mode-- but there's a problem. When I left click (really does depend on how your mouse is set up, for example, my right click is left click..etc), instead of placing the block, it is replaced with whatever block I have in-hand. The only way of placing it is by holding the Mouse, which by then you will have misplaced many blocks. Then, if you right click (to break block), IT DOESN'T! Instead, it placed the block you have in hand. Therefore, if you want to actually break it, you either have to hold the mouse or, switch to a blank spot in your inventory in order for it to work properly. AND NO, I AM NOT stupid and have my setting messed up, they are actually how they should be. I also reset all the buttons, yet, the glitch is still going. I HATE IT! I can only play survivival because thIat's when all the controls work correctly. Please Mojang, I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this problem because my friends play Windows 10 Edition too, and, they don't have this problem. It's not the mouse because it happens even when I use my laptop's touchpad, plus, I have no problem when playing in Survival Mode. I always have to use the screen when playing (PC is touchscreen) but it's annoying and I really want to use my mouse instead.

      Thank you to whoever bothered to read this and if possible, can it be fixed? I can't include a screenshot because the bug cannot be seen.

      A slightly depressed Minecraft player (A.K.A Princelestia)


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