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Strange mob spawning behavior



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      Windows 10 - PC


      While flying around in a Creative copy of my world, I heard a zombie villager where there shouldn't be one. After a long search I finally discovered it in the top of an oak tree. (See screenshot.) It was completely surrounded by Leaves, which is why I couldn't find it until I followed its moans. The only air block was the one its head was in. (Note that in the screenshot I had broken some of the adjacent leaf blocks above and beside it, to check whether it was in fact standing on Leaves.)

      The conditions for spawning a Zombie Villager (or most hostile mobs in the Overworld) include that it be on a solid block with no obstructions in the 2 blocks above it. This example appears to have violated both of those conditions.


        1. Spider in Leaves 1.png
          Spider in Leaves 1.png
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        2. Spider in Leaves 2.png
          Spider in Leaves 2.png
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        3. Spider in Leaves 3.png
          Spider in Leaves 3.png
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        4. Spider in Leaves 4.png
          Spider in Leaves 4.png
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        5. Spider in Leaves 5.png
          Spider in Leaves 5.png
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        6. Zombie Villager in Tree.png
          Zombie Villager in Tree.png
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