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Custom skins and tp command co-ords



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      So I play mcpe on my android galaxy tab and have been playing the beta, the game runs fine but there are a few bugs here and there which I wanna report and hope they can be fixed:

      -custom skins not appearing, when I select a skin from gallery the skin wont appear in game it will either show nothing or black please fix the bug with custom skins this bug hasn't just happend to me.

      -Please fix the crash when signing out of xbox live basically if you go to your profile in settings and click sign out of xbox live the game with crash and sometimes not even sign you out

      -The tp command is quite broken.... Ever since 0.16.0 commands where added and the tp command worked great it gave the right coords like /tp @p ~ ~ ~ would say in chat you have been teleported to -16 7 -21 thats just an example now it says you have been teleported to -16.919 7 -21.9291 idk if the . And the numbers are a bug or not but I put a command block to tp me at -30 5 -40 and it teleported me one block behind and the coords didnt say youve been teleported to -30 5 -40 basically the tp command and its coordanate giving is quite messed up could you please fix it?

      -also please fix the bug when lowering renderdistance basically if I lower it to 6 or down it wont show I can up it to 8 or 12 and stuff

      Basically the 1.2 beta is great but some things are broken which make the experience a bit not as expected but of course its a beta I just hope that when it fully releases all the bugs have been fixed and we can have a 98% bug free gameplay experience for all win10, mobile, xbox and switch players oh and btw make the default controls more like the oneces on console and fix the lag when playing with a bluetooth controller on android since when I was breaking a dirt block it keep breaking more without me pressing the break button basically theres a bit of controller lag, anyway yeah please fix these bugs I know you can! Thank you for reading

      -Examinedcat669 (mcpe gamertag)


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