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      Hello(I'm French by the way so sorry for the orthographe mistakes! )!
      I'm a minecraft java player and now i'm in windows 10 version, and my problem is that my crops grow really really slow, almost like they doesn't grow(between 20 and 30 days in-game without a fully growed crop).
      I would like to now if that is a bogue or just normal, because it is stopping me in my project and if i need to use bone powder to make them grow it's a real problem for me.
      Glad if someone can help me!

      additional informations:
      crops: wheat
      position: at the side of a river
      time without a stage passed: between 5 and 10 days in-game
      light: they have light, don't now how many because I dosn't now how to activate the f3 of this version

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