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Mouse and Keyboard input freezing up



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      PC Win10 Edition

      A couple horrendous lag spikes within about 5 minutes...

      Mouse and keyboard freezing up, sending me in one direction not able to change direction or do anything (and strangely freeing up once i fall off the edge of the map, every single time), as well as a couple just-mouse freezes without locking up my left/right click

      So to put it perspective, I'm playing Micro Battles on Mineplex. I get blocks after it starts and once the walls go down, I head right into the enemy team's area.. INSTANTLY after I'm about to attack (didn't push down attack key), I get this huge lag spike.. Ok, so I didn't die, but now the enemy's attacking me. I start sprinting to jump over the lava back to my side, only to realize that I didn't turn all the way due to the mouse-movement freezing up, AND I didn't jump because apparently my jump is nonfunctional. Soon enough, however, I somehow gain control and I'm back into full control of my player. There's only 2 enemies left so I hop back into the enemy area and just as I'm about to loop around, I lose total control and (while desperately trying to re-gain control) I fall of the edge off the map, die, and gain complete control immediately after I died.

      Now as a note I did also get a couple mouse-lockups (less significant) while building redstone creations in a singleplayer world, which would usually happen after a block / something has been placed. I also got the frequent lag spikes in singleplayer worls

      I've tried setting min and max video settings, setting all types of sensitivity, and even tried it in a really small window for a big fps boost, but it still comes with the same exact problems

      UPDATE: I've sortof-confirmed that the mouse-track / mouse-movement lag is persistant after you left or right click. I don't know if it's all the time, but I found it to be all the time in entering a singleplayer world




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