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Cold Taiga M does not decorate properly



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      Windows 10 - PC



      Fixed in beta build, bug would still be affecting 1.6 and does affect 1.5 release builds.

      Intended generation: cold taiga M generates with a layer of snow coating the biome

      Instead generates as: random chunks on the biome's edge have no snow generated in cold taiga M, being a pest when you're in the snow biomes.

      Whenever I fly in a cold ice biome, part of the cold taiga generates with no snow. If I use an external program to view biomes, it is entirely the cold taiga M. Some chunk generation generates strange snow boundaries as well as hills in the biome. It does snow correctly though.

      I generated it in version 1.2, used MCPE viz, read only, to view biomes. Regenerated it in 1.2 and is still not generating correctly.

      Without an F3 menu screen, hard to reproduce bug since I can't view the biome I am in in the base game. You have to use an external program.

      I regenerated the seed in 1.2 went out, back in, found the biome, still bugged. No mods, nothing, only the base game.

      Seed 306959825, coords X-1000 Z800

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Generate a seed with a cold taiga M, you can use seed above
      2. TP to coords shown above, or find a cold Taiga M
      3. Use dev tool or external program to view biomes (generate and save terrain!)


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