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Mesa Plateau F generates incorrectly


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      Does not affect beta. fixed


      *FIXED IN 1.11*

      What should happen: Mesa Plateau F generates the usual 20-30 block tall and flat plateau with forests scattered throughout.

      What happens instead: Only a red sand flatland generates with sparse mountains found in a regular mesa. This bug exists in 1.2.10.

      Summary: Mesa Plateau F generates a regular mesa instead of the usual plateaus found in a regular Mesa Plateau. You can still find the usual forest of trees if the mountain generates high enough, but is very rare. Mesa Plateau F M and the regular Mesa Plateau generate correctly. ALL seeds I checked have the same bug. Without an F3 menu screen, hard to reproduce bug since I can't view the biome I am in in the base game. You have to use an external program.

      I regenerated the seed in 1.2.10, went out, back in, found the biome, still bugged. No mods, nothing, only the base game.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. In MCPE 0.9.0, generate any mesa seed.
      Note any Mesa Plateau Fs found
      2. In MCPE 1.2.10, generate any mesa seed, compare with 0.9.0

      Steps to reproduce (Alternate way) (recommend this way)
      1.In MCPE 1.2.10 generate any mesa seed
      02:00. Use any dev tool to view what biome you are in (F3 screen or dev tool)
      2b. Generate full mesa, save map, use any external program, dev tool, or mcpe viz, to view the biomes

      *seed: 306959825 X1800 Z0 infinite world default worldgen.
      *1734483989 is the other seed.

        1. 306959825 map biome.png
          306959825 map biome.png
          100 kB
        2. 306959825 map mesablock.png
          306959825 map mesablock.png
          275 kB
        3. 306959825 map terrain.png
          306959825 map terrain.png
          889 kB
        4. in game 306959825 a.png
          in game 306959825 a.png
          1.50 MB
        5. in game 306959825 b.png
          in game 306959825 b.png
          1.26 MB
        6. in game 306959825 c.png
          in game 306959825 c.png
          1.66 MB
        7. in game 306959825 d.png
          in game 306959825 d.png
          1.29 MB
        8. Minecraft 7_31_2017 4_19_37 PM.png
          Minecraft 7_31_2017 4_19_37 PM.png
          1.11 MB
        9. Minecraft 7_31_2017 4_19_45 PM.png
          Minecraft 7_31_2017 4_19_45 PM.png
          882 kB
        10. other seed A bug.png
          other seed A bug.png
          1.11 MB
        11. other seed A intended.PNG
          other seed A intended.PNG
          722 kB
        12. other seed B bug.png
          other seed B bug.png
          1.06 MB
        13. other seed B intended.PNG
          other seed B intended.PNG
          555 kB
        14. other seed C bug.png
          other seed C bug.png
          1.15 MB
        15. other seed C intended.PNG
          other seed C intended.PNG
          698 kB
        16. other seed D bug.png
          other seed D bug.png
          1.35 MB
        17. other seed D intended.PNG
          other seed D intended.PNG
          753 kB
        18. other seed E bug.png
          other seed E bug.png
          1.48 MB
        19. other seed E intended.PNG
          other seed E intended.PNG
          781 kB
        20. other seed F bug.png
          other seed F bug.png
          1.49 MB
        21. other seed F intended.PNG
          other seed F intended.PNG
          692 kB
        22. other seed the biome map.png
          other seed the biome map.png
          53 kB

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