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Ability to "overcharge" heath level and go over 20 health for certain types of damage



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    • Affects Version/s: 0.6.1
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      When in survival mode while walking, it is possible to eat
      repeatedly without needing to tap again for every item eaten. While doing this repeated eating, it is possible to "over eat" by one food item when the players heath is already full. After testing, it was found that this "over eating" increased the players health above twenty health against certain types of damage. The amount "overcharged" is determined by the foods heath restoring value. Mushroom Stew, 28; Melons, 22; Bread, 25; Apples, 24; etc. This "overcharge" does not work after taking damage. You must eat again for the "overcharge" to work.

      How to reproduce

      1. Take damage.
      2. Get food able to fully heal damage and more, then hold it in hand.
      3. Start Walking (no obstructions). See Screenshot.
      4. Eat (while walking). Do not stop eating until your character has stopped eating.
      5. At this time your character should have "over eaten" by one food item, then stopped.
      6. Take fall damage and see that your character has not lost the full amount that it should of gotten. The amount of damage not taken is determined by what food item was "over eaten".

      This does not work on cactus damage, but works on fall damage. I am not sure of all the other types of damage.


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