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All of the animals free animals have disappeared. I have about 17 sheep and 3 pigs in a pen. However I opened the app one morning and there were no free animals.


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      *What I expected to happen was over a period of many weeks (in game) more animals and baby animals would spawn.

      *What actually happened was all roaming animals disappeared. Cows, chickens, sheep.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. I'm not really sure what I did. One day (reality) I opened the game and there were tons of babies ( like three to ever adult in the game)
      2. Two days later they were all gone. The only ones remaining were the 13 sheep and the 3 pigs I had penned by my house.
      3. During that two day period I was busy building my home so i hadn't hunted. Now I am running low on food.
      4. I am keeping the 3 pigs alive hoping they will spawn new ones.

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