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1000's of Carrots Literally Coming Out of the Walls



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      My Device: Phone - Android - Samsung Galaxy S7

      Was in a village for an hour or so working on improvements. Found a village house that had a dozen or so villagers trapped inside. (dirt blocking the door) After I removed the blockage many of the villagers appeared to be farmers that immediately started harvesting a nearby farm that was mainly carrots. After a minute or so I noticed lag on my device and could see hundreds of carrots on the ground. At first, I assumed it was just the villagers dropping their food to others but I could never pick them all up. As soon as I walked to the carrots to grab them they would immediately fill my available inventory with many still on the ground. (see screenshot) I soon noticed that more carrots were literally dropping out of nearby walls with no villagers nearby. (see other screenshots) I can't pick them up fast enough before more drop.

      I've tried the following with no luck:

      • Walking far enough away to unload the chunk and come back
      • Closing the program and restart
      • Restart my phone

      This started happening about 24 hours ago.

      As you can probably imagine with 1000's of items laying around the lag is so bad I almost can't even walk.


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