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Behavior pack loot tables aren't refreshed properly, causing them to be applied to other worlds until restart



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      When I create a behavior pack for one world with loot table modifications, it applies some of them to all my worlds. For example, if I make zombies hold diamond hoes in a certain behavior pack, then some (not all) worlds will have zombies running around with diamond hoes. Another example is if I modify the spider drops for a certain add-on to be iron. In some of my worlds (not all) the spider will drop iron. It does not matter what mode they are in.

      Edit by SuperGeniusZeb: The problem seems to be that loot tables are not refreshed properly when switching behavior packs. Reloading the game will refresh the loot tables. Additionally, sometimes you need to restart the game for a behavior pack to take effect.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new world in Creative mode and apply the attached behavior pack to the world.
      2. In the world, spawn a pig and kill it. Notice that it drops carrots instead of porkchops. This is what the attached behavior pack changes: the pig's drops.
      3. Exit the world and open up another world or create a new Creative world WITHOUT the behavior pack applied.
      4. In this world, kill a pig. Notice that it still drops carrots, even though the world you are in should be using the vanilla loot tables.


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