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Baby ocelots that spawn alongside an adult behave as if they were tamed but have an untamed ocelot skin


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      Original Description:
      I can breed two wild ocelots or wild ocelot with tamed ocelot.That causes that i cannot tame wild ocelot who is breeding with another tamed/wild ocelot.But this works only with feeded baby ocelots that will be adult ocelots.Also that baby ocelots acts like tamed cat.Jumps on near bed,chest,furnace,but does not follow you.That can be only reproduced with ocelot spawn egg with one big and two small ocelots.Also you cant make them to sit or stand.Normal baby ocelots from spawn egg acts normal.But ocelot with little ocelots will not

      Update by Mega_Spud:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn Wild Ocelots with spawn eggs until an adult spawns with 2 Kittens
      2. Feed those kittens Fish until they grow
      3. They now almost behave like tamed cats, but retain their ocelot skins, and can be bred with normal tamed cats

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