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Mesa biome clay banding swaps



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      Does not work in MCPE 1.1 or higher, last version affected as 1.0.9. Fixed in 1.1

      Mesa biomes sometimes have their clay layering changed in random parts of the biome.

      What should happen: When exploring a mesa biome, clay layering should remain the same in all parts of the mesa biome.

      What happened instead: In some parts of the mesa biome, you'll notice that the clay layering abruptly stops and a new set of clay layering begins.

      Reproducing this bug:

      1. Create a new world
      2. Find and explore a mesa biome.
      3. Pay attention to the clay in mesa plateaus, you'll notice the clay layering will change abruptly
      ->If that doesn't work, try recreating the world
      4. Recreate the same world, but approach the mesa biome from a different direction
      5. The clay banding changes in different places of the mesa biome.
      ->If that doesn't work still, try exploring multiple mesa biomes. Clay generation will change eventually.
      ->If that still doesn't work, try changing the video settings
      6. Change the video settings so that the game lags a bit or vise versa.
      7. Recreate the world and explore the mesa biome.

      The screenshot below uses the seed 35267400 and the mesa biome is at ~x+1500 z-120


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