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Dispenser doesn't equip player with heads/skulls and pumpkins


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      Original Description: Dispenser doesn't place a skull down if there is a block at diagonal bottom of dispenser is facing or equip it automatically to player head slot.

      Edit by SuperGeniusZeb:
      Dispensers do not automatically equip players with skulls or heads when activated. This is in contrast to Java Edition behavior, in which dispensers will equip the head armor slot of players with heads/skulls when a player is standing next to them when activated.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Put any head or skull type into a dispenser.
      2. Stand in front of the dispenser, so that when powered, you will be standing directly in front of the dispenser's output.
      3. Activate the dispenser.
      4. Notice how, if it is a wither skeleton skull, nothing will be ejected from the dispenser; and if it is any other skull/head type, it will just be thrown out as an item and picked up by the player, and NOT automatically equipped to the head armor slot.

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