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Solid/opaque redstone components act differently from normal solid/opaque blocks


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      Solid/opaque blocks are supposed to all act the same in how they transmit redstone power. However, solid/opaque blocks that are also redstone components (droppers, dispensers, redstone lamps, & note blocks), power other components differently.

      First of all, if you strongly power a solid component, then a powered rail or activator rail that is adjacent to a plus-shaped dust adj. to the solid component, then the rail will NOT be powered. See attached screenshots. If you replace the solid component with a normal solid block, the rails will be powered.

      Second, it appears that MCPE-16286 does not occur when the block between the activation-power-source and the piston is a solid-component.

      It seems like redstone components that are solid/opaque are coded differently/incorrectly or something. It is possible that looking into the code and finding the root causes could lead to the fix of both this bug and MCPE-16286. There may be other quirks with solid redstone components that I have yet to discover, but these are all that I've found so far.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a setup with a powered/activator rail, single redstone dust, & solid redstone component like the ones in the attached screenshot.
      2. Power the solid component and see how the rails don't turn on.

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