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It is not possible to slowly fall with a boat in Minecraft Bedrock


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      Through minecraft challenge videos, I had noticed a certain difference in resources between the Java and Bedrock editions. In the Java edition, players can slowly fall with the boat, just by getting out and back from it, which is not possible in the Bedrock edition of the game

      Despite being a small resource, some people may miss it, especially the challenge community, which tends to use the item a lot, either to fall with the boat over greater distances, or to fall slowly and trick other players.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In minecraft Java Edition, place a boat in a high floor and fall with it

      2. While in the fallen, start to leave and ride on the boat
      Observed Results:

      In the Bedrock edition of the game, when trying to replicate, the boat will maintain the same speed during the fall, therefore, the player will not have as much control as in the Java edition, having a greater chance of falling and being defeated.

      Expected Results:

      Just like in the Java edition, the boat should have its fall slowed for a brief moment, so that the bedrock player would be able to replicate the action
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