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"/hud @s hide all" doesn't hide attack/destroy and place/use buttons.


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      I was testing things on a new Flatworld with experiments on and found that the /hud command has some errors. I used an alt account on my phone to join the same world and used "/hud @s hide all" and it hide all hud items except the attack and place/use buttons. I was using the "Joystick & aim crosshair" controller mode, so it probably didn't realize there were more buttons to hide.

      I also noticed that even though I ran the command for only my Iphone account, it hid all hud items on my main account as well.
      I then created a new world without the experiments and it still had the hud items hidden, even though there was no /hud command on that world. I had to go back to the main world to reset the hud.("/hud @a reset")

      Steps to reproduce:
      1: Open Minecraft on Iphone.
      2: Change controller mode to "Joystick & aim crosshair".
      3: Create a new world with "Upcoming Creator Features" experiment turned on.
      4: Run command "/hud @s hide all"

      Expected result:
      Every hud item gets hidden.

      Observed result:
      Every hud item gets hidden except the attack/destroy and place/use buttons.

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