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      Since I updated the latest version of minecraft pe im having trouble on my nether portals. I use the nether to fast travel and sometimes the portal just stop working (we can see only the particles of the animation). To "fix" that we have to die and then the portal will work just fine until it crashes again. I recorded a video and to save some time i speeded up some parts

      The steps are kind of random because the portal crash anytime. I discovered the bug after I used the portal many times . So basically the step by step is the following thing: First I build distant portals on nether to help me travel long distances on overworld. Second, I teleport to overworld, and then I get back to Nether at some point (and then again and again and again during the gameplay). Third, at some point the portal (on nether or on the overworld itself) bugs and stops teleporting and I only see the purple particles (as shown in the video). Fourth, to get it back I found out that dying makes it work out again

      The observed results are the malfunction of the portals that just stop working and just the animation of the purple particles keep going when we enter on the portal. There’s no message when this happens, the player just gets stuck on nether or overworld. As I said, to get it back the player “unbug” it dying (and loosing all the xp, which is such an inconvenient thing)

      Expected Results: The portals working 100% all the time

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