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Ambient Lighting does not update when changing Dimensions or Exiting water


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      The Bug:

      When changing dimensions and exiting water, there is a chance that the lighting does not update.

      This is an issue because it can make it be too hard to see in the Nether or End, Not being able too see in the end is especially an issue, because you cant just go to the overworld again. 

      How to Reproduce:

      Simply build a portal between dimensions, and enter it, or enter and exit water. There is a chance the lighting doesn't update.

      Expected Result:

      The lighting changes to reflect the change in dimensions, and the lighting returns to normal after exiting water.

      Observed Result:

      The lighting sometimes doesn't update. This only appears to affect the visual ambient light. This does not appear to affect mob spawning. or entity light.

      Saving and re-opening the world doesn't seen to do anything, and neither does changing worlds. Copying the world doesn't seem to do anything either. However, restarting the game fixes it.


      My laptop is a nVidia Optimus laptop with an AMD CPU.


      When exiting water, the blue tint disappears, but the lighting remains (it looks like you have night vision).

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