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Since the new update I cannot connect to my realm.


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      When clicking on realm from the realms & world screen, it brings up the usual 

      'Connecting to the server...' box. The loading bar below does its usual movement when loading, this lasts for a few seconds at most, it then disappears and I'm back to the menu for loading into realms and worlds. No error box pops up. If I try to open the realm several times In a row, I am instead kicked to the main Menu. 'Play, settings & store' and then I have to close the application as the 'Play' option will not select. This has only happened since the latest update on ps4 that has given us copper variants and new bat model in experimental. Realms cannot be accessed, however worlds can. If I go to edit world section and click play from there. The same issue happens.. 


      I am the realm owner. 

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