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Cannot connect to Minecraft bedrock servers nor join friends' worlds


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    • 1.20.50
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      When attempting to join Bedrock servers eg Lifeboat, I click join server and it takes me to the loading screen "connecting to server" before immediately taking me back to the server menu without letting me join (if that makes sense?). Basically, any server i click on does this and refuses to let me join. Ive restarted my ps5, checked my internet and deleted minecraft and reinstalled as well as signing in to both my Microsoft and playstation account multiple times however nothing seems to work. This is not a playstation network issue as i can go online in any other game except minecraft. also when on minecraft i cannot join friends online worlds and for them i appear offline (on minecraft). My Microsoft account is connected and yet im still offline? pls help

      i havent had this issue before but after installing the 1.20.50 update this has happened and i havent been able to join servers since

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