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Boolean Block States beyond the first 16 in the list do not get applied


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      I have observed an issue related to the limit of block state values in a single block file. The current limit for block state values is set at 64. While this theoretically allows for 4 block states, each having 16 working values, I have encountered an unexpected limitation that appears to be more restrictive than intended.

      Specifically, when a block has 17 boolean block states, each with 2 values (resulting in a total of 34 values), I have observed that one of these boolean block states fails to function as expected. The determination of which boolean block state succeeds or fails is based on the alphabetical order in its name. This issue not only happens with 17 boolean block states but with anything above 16. Knowing that the block state values limit per file is 64, we should be able to have up to 32 working boolean block states, but currently only 16 are allowed.

      I have created a pack that adds a block with 20 boolean block states. The block also has 20 permutations, each of which checks if each block state, independently, is true. If it is true, the texture will change from the redstone block texture (the texture defined on its components) to the one defined in the permutation. To apply this pack and quickly place 20 blocks with each block state set to true, follow these steps:
      1. Download the pack
      2. Create a new world
      3. Enable Holiday Creator Features in your world
      4. Apply the just downloaded Behavior Pack to your world
      5. Create the world
      6. Open the chat, type and run the following:

      /function place

      After you have followed these steps, you'll have placed 20 blocks with their block states set to true. Please evaluate the file for better understanding. 

      Expected Results:
      None of the blocks should have the redstone block texture, as it should be overwritten by the permutations.

      Obtained Results:
      The blocks with kai:a, kai:b, kai:c and kai:d block states values set to true have the redstone block texture, so their values are not being read.  

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