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Almost all copper bulbs that are generated inside trial chambers are weathered/oxidized and unwaxed


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      The copper bulbs in the trial chamber should have various oxidization levels. However, in Bedrock Edition, almost all copper bulbs found are already weathered or oxidized. In addition, only the default unoxidized ones are waxed, with the rest are unwaxed.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Find a trial chamber.
      2. Spot if all of the copper bulbs inside the room/chamber are oxidized/weathered or not.
      3. Inspect the copper bulbs by middle clicking it and notice some are waxed and some are unwaxed.

      Expected Result
      The copper bulbs inside the trial chambers should generate in various oxidization levels and waxed.

      Observed Result
      Almost all copper bulbs generated inside the chambers are oxidized/weathered, and unwaxed, causing the rooms to be too dim.

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