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When crossing with my horse through water and riding the horse again we teleport back to the water and sometimes get stuck on the ground


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      When I cross over the water with my horse and get back to land from the other side, and try to get back on the horse we automatically teleport back to the water and can also get stuck on the ground. I lost my horse because of this bugg

      first I have to jump as far as possible over the water to the other land and then, off course the horse can not swim with me on him so I get off the horse automatically.

      I use the leash to lead the horse back to land 

      or I just used the leash in the beginning and didn’t jump with my horse

      and when I get on the horse again and try to ride it we teleport back to the water or get stuck and the ground and take damage 

      this bugg keeps reappearing if you follow this instructions over and over again. It will often but not all the time happen.

      normaly this should not happen. It should be normal and not teleport me back. Nothing should be happening as it was before.

      this effected me and my friend on our singleplay world. Don’t know if it can happen on other worlds like a realm or a server but maybe and this should be fixed to make it easier for all of us.


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