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Unable to teleport back to overworld using Nether Portal


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      I have been using this nether portal for weeks. Ive never had ANY issues with bugs. Yesterday I died in the nether and was respawned at my bed, I was bugged and couldnt move for about 30 seconds then made my way over to my nether portal to go to the nether and grab my supplies. The nether portal was making all of the on screen "wooshy" effects but wouldn't teleport me. I restarted the game and was able to teleport to the nether. I then quit the game and got back on today and am unable to teleport back. The portal looks active but is not making any on screen wooshy effects when I stand in it. I killed myself, spawned in the overworld and used the portal to go back to the nether once again to collect my supplies. It worked to get there but once again is not working to get back to the overworld and not making any on screen effects at all. I can kill myself and spawn back in the overworld which the  makes the game super buggy upon respawn, im unable to pick up items, open doors, open chests. My mining effect isnt showing but i am able to mine objects. Once I restart the game it fixes these bugs but not the Nether to Overworld Portal. I tried making a new portal in the overworld, it sent me to the same portal that is in the nether. This is not an open server or anything, just a private game. Im very discouraged as Ive been playing this map for weeks now and this is the farthest Ive ever gotten. Thanks. Id be happy to share a copy of my world but not sure how to do this through Xbox.

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