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The crafter rotation will always be the same when using a structure block.


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      As some may know there is the structure block where one can store structures and then export and load them with a rotation from 0 degrees up to 270 degrees. This is where the problem comes, the rotation.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. enter or create a test world, activate cheats and activate the experimental option (update 1.21)
      2. get a structure block for that use the command
         /give @s structure_block 64 
      3. put the structure block, configure it how you want and next to the bounding box put the crafter
      4. save and then load loads the structure with a different rotation than the default

      Expected result:
      the crafter loads with a different rotation when the rotation settings are changed in the structure block

      Observed Results:
      the crafter loads with the same rotation always regardless of whether the rotation configuration is changed in the structure block

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