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      For some reason lighting is completely messed up for me.


      It's hard to explain, but basically, during the day, around sunset, it flicks over to a night lighting. Like it goes from light level of the day straight to light level of night in an instant. And the same in the morning. Sometimes, and I haven't been able to steadily reproduce this, it will remain 'dark' even though it's supposed to be day. Entities appear to be unaffected by this, being in fullbright.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open a world
      2. Wait for day cycle to pass to night
      3. The light will flicker from light to dark strangely
      4. Do /time set day and generally it will keep a darkened effect over the environment.


      Sorry if the steps aren't helpful enough, or if I am unclear. It's hard for me to explain.


      Extra notes:

      Fancy Graphics is: ON

      Smooth Lighting is: ON

      Beautiful Skies is: ON

      I had a resource pack enabled during the screenshot, but effect was identical without any.


      Attached image shows the night sky with an unusually bright ground.

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