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In multiplayer game, if one player crashes for some reason, all the others get disconnected.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 0.5.0, 0.6.0, 0.6.1
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      We have four tablets at home. Three various Asus Transformer Pads (an TF200, TF300 and TF700), plus a Nexus 7. We often play three at a time; one on each Asus Transformer, with the Nexus 7 being the host. We are carefull to move the "NPC" from the Nexus 7 from time to time to prevent it from turning off.

      Sometimes, the TF700 will crash playing the game. This is the only situation/game that this is happening, so I don't think it is our particular unit that has a problem. When the TF700 crashes, we will all get disconnected maybe 10 seconds later.

      We stay in the game, but cannot open the chests and that means we lose everything currently in our inventory.

      There should be a way to reconnect into the game while in game after a disconnect.

      Or, maybe even better; a disconnect should be treated like a death => all the inventory of the disconnected player should be available where the player last disconnected/die, so we would at least have an opportunity to get it back.

      Being disconnected is frustrating. Losing precious materials (when you were down mining, or moving/constructing things) is downright GRRRRR!

      We haven't updated to 0.6.1 yet, seeing as there was a lot of bugs, plus we want to stock up on nether spires obsidian

      Has something been made in regard to disconnection from 0.5.0 to 0.6.1?

      This is very frustrating for multiplayer users.

      This is not the only way we get disconnects, only the more frequent one. We have had some disconnects while opening chests too, but they are less frequent. Actually, when these happens, we are usually back to the Android desktop (application crashed?)

      So, to sum it up:

      • We get disconnects from time to time (not very frequent) for no apparent reasons. We are still in the game, but without any interaction with the other players (cannot see them, cannot open chests, ...) so everything is lost.
      • We get disconnects from time to time when opening chests (not very frequent, but when it happens to one of our three player, it seems that if he comes back right away (having lost everything), and right away try to open a chest once again, he'll go back to the Android desktop right away. When we get these kind of disconnects (when opening a chests), it usually means that the app crashed.
      • We get disconnects when the TF700 MCPE seems to freeze, crashes and reboot a couple of seconds later. When this happen, the other two tablets will get disconnected maybe 10-15 seconds later, effectively losing everything we were carrying.

      Sorry, but there are no way to easily reproduce this. The TF700 will crash every 1-10h of play (we play *a lot*) We're now a bit freak for putting our stuff into chests (the only way to have "persistent" characters), but still, it's frustrating.

      The Nexus 7 host is always fine.

      Please add something so that the disconnected characters are treated like deaths => objects left in place so there's a way to salvage it.





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