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Player Does Not Lose all XP Upon Death


    • Survival
    • Confirmed
    • Android

      in survival mode to die played back with your experience and be was with armor she also back .not are losing the armor to die nor experience

      Addition by Mega_Spud:
      When you die in survival mode, you do not lose your experience points or armour.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Gain xp and equip armour
      • Make sure you are in survival (/gamemode 0)
      • Die (/kill)
      • Observe that when you respawn, some xp remains and you are still wearing armour

      Tested on Samsung TabPro SM-T520 on Android 4.4.2


      As of the player will lose armour and most xp upon death, but it seems that the player will always respawn with 2xp levels.

      • Gain xp in survival (eg /xp 500L @a)
      • Use the command /kill @p
      • Notice the xp level when you respawn

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