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Moving at specific coordinates could change player's hitbox width


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      Whan you move at specific coordinates (absolute value=2^n ,such as 65536) and move towards that axis at specific speed{[20*2^(n-24)]m/s towards that axis}, your hitbox width will change.

      Steps to Reproduce and Observed Results:

      1.Create a superflat world.

      2.Run /tp @s 65535.5 -60 0 facing 65536.5 -60 80

      3.Walk for about 8 seconds.

      4.You will find that your hitbox become narrow and could walk into 0.5 blocks wide gap.

      5.Run /tp @s 65536.0 -60 0 facing 65535.0 -60 80

      6.Walk for about 10 seconds.

      7.You will find that your hitbox become wide and couldn't walk into 1 block wide gap.

      Expected Results:

      Your hitbox do not change.

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