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Freshly generated chunks cause boats and chestboats to disappear when riding in them


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      When riding in a boat on ice in a chunk that has not yet been visited, the boat or chestboat will suddenly disappear.

      If the boat is a chestboat, any items stored in the chestboat will also disappear. Exiting and reloading the world can usually allow the boat to reappear and if this works the chest boat and its items can be recovered.

      This bug is similar to MCPE-169022, however I have not seen that issue arise since the release of So, a boat disappearing on water appears to be fixed but still occurs if one is used on ice.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Turn off all custom global resources to ensure nothing else is affecting the game.
      • Ensure the render distance is set to the recommended level (in my case 40).
      • Create a new Creative Mode world using a random seed, and optionally turn on coordinates.
      • Locate an unvisited frozen river or frozen ocean biome and teleport near it. Do not teleport into the middle of it.
      • Walk, run, or boat over to where the ice starts.
      • Place a boat on the ice and use it. The longer the stretch of ice it is used on, the more likely it will reproduce.

      Expected Results:

      As in 1.19.73, boats and chestboats should remain in the world no matter how fast the player moves across the ice.

      Observed Results:

      As seen in the attached video, a boat will disappear multiple times when a chunk that has not been visited yet is occupied. There also appears to be some issue with ice blocks temporarily disappearing when a new boat is placed down when the world generator is attempting to catch up.

      Additional Notes:

      While this example is in a brand-new world in the process of generating (which seems to cause it to happen more often) it can also happen in a world which has been played for a while where the world generator thread has caught up to the set render distance. Any time a boat is used in a newly visited chunk on ice there is a chance the boat and its contents may be lost.

      The world used in the example video is also attached.

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