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Generated sculk blocks in the deep dark biome (Around Ancient Cities also) doesn't spread as far just like in Java Edition


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      Description: The amount of sculk blocks that spread in the Deep Dark Biome and the ones around Ancient Cities are away less apparent than in Java Edition

      How to Reproduce:

      • Go to an Normal Deep Dark Biome or find one close to a Ancient City
      • Check every cave around the Deep Dark

      Observed Results: A large portion of places around the Deep Dark there are a very low amount of sculk blocks spread compared to Java Edition

      Expected Results: Very high amount of sculk blocks around the Deep Dark, spreading through long distances around caves, pillars and etc just like in Java Edition

      Seed tested in the Pictures: -3826931505156822084

      • Deep Dark Location Coordinates: -493.60 -36.25 -498.57 (Deep_Dark_1 pic)
      • Deep Dark Spot 2: -530.05 -43.40 -585.50 (Deep_Dark_2 pic)
      • Deep Dark Spot 3: -488.88 -36.17 -521.49 (Deep_Dark_3 pic)
      • Deep Dark Spot 4: -538.46 -47.07 -538.30 (Deep_Dark_4 pic)

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