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Coloured wool blocks lost their colours after update


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      After updating Minecraft PE on my iPad, my old Map which I've only just put on a new YouTube Channel, the coloured wool blocks seem to have lost their colours, and are now white blocks.  I haven't got a clue why this happened, as I've had this map for years.  I confirmed this also on Minecraft PE on an Android Tablet, and same thing happens after update, so I can only think it may be a bug.

      I’ve side loaded an older version of Minecraft PE on my iPad v1.19.41, and when I use my map with this version, it has all the colour blocks as it should.  So, I have confirmed that it’s something to do with the new update.

      It seems like all the coloured wool blocks, have been dyed to white.
      I have five screenshots, two of my Map before it happened, and one after the update…
      link to my map if you want to try…

      Steps to reproduce (EVGENSYPERPRO):

      1. Import the world Minigames Central.mcworld.
      2. Open in version 1.19.71+.
      3. Look at the wool blocks in the world.

      Observed results:
      All wool blocks in the world have become white.

      Expected results:
      Blocks of wool should not turn white.

      The problem is not present in versions 1.19.63 and below.
      When updating the world from version 1.19.63 to 1.19.71, only some wool blocks become white (in some chunks).

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