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Beds can cause all players to lose interactions


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      Dropping an item at the right instant when sleeping in a bed causes a crash state. The world can no longer be saved and players lose interaction with environment. (eg. Can't: Open inventory, go to the nether, sleep in a bed, collide with entities, receive beacon/conduit effects)

      1) Have a bed and an item in the hotbar

      2) Sleep in the bed while throwing the item

      3) Leave the bed

      If the bug has been replicated one item will be missing from the inventory, any further items dropped will not load in either and all mobs will stop moving.

      This is far easier to replicate with a controller and affects those versions more. What should happen is the item is either removed from the inventory or kept, instead the item disappears and entities stop processing, as if the world has crashed. This doesn't cause the world to close either it simply remains open with players able to walk around.

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