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@initiator not working when experimental function "upcoming creator feature" is enabled


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      when experimental function: "upcoming creator feature" is active, @initiator does not work on npcs.


      when you try to use @initiator on npcs with the "upcoming creator feature" active, the npc closes its conversation, as if the @initiator was not recognized by the npc.


      I don't use or used addons or texture packs, this error was found when I tried to use it in a realms with this function active, decided to test it in a world without being realms, and the @initiator still didn't work. I went after finding out why, and doing some tests, I discovered that the "upcoming creator feature" makes @initiator not work.


      step to reproduce:

      1. Activate the experimental "upcoming creator feature".

      2. Use @initiator on npc. (example: /give @initiator diamond 1 0)


      Observed Results:
      @initiator when the "upcoming creator feature" is active does not work.

      Expected Results:

      @initiator should still work even if the "upcoming creator feature" is active.


      the exicativo video has a low quality due to the site restricting the sending of files with more than 10mb

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