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Game crashes when transferring entities/items through End city gateways


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      This issue was purchased as a consequence of an attempt to teleport a shulker.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the world of End and defeat the dragon (in any game mode)
      2. Find a portal to the far islands of the End. Also bring items, entity or mob with you (or spawn it)
      3. Throw items into the portal or drag a mob/entity there.

      Expected results:
      A successful teleportation of the mob/entity/item will occur.

      Observed result
      At first the game stops, and then it crashes altogether. After loading the game and entering the world again, you will appear on the last save game.

      This bug is most likely due to a conflict in loading chunks or the impossibility of creating the initial obsidian platform in the End.

      What can this lead to?

      Due to this problem, it is not possible to transfer entities from the far end. There are also crashes from the game when items accidentally hit the portal, which causes a lot of problems. From all this it turns out that it is impossible to transport shulkers (this leads to the impossibility of completing the "Impossible is possible" achievement, as well as the construction of farms and buildings with these mobs).

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