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Pillagers spawned underground in a raid, were impossible to find


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      I was doing a village raid in my survival world today, and it was going great, but on the last wave I just couldn’t find the pillagers. Why? Because they spawned 25 blocks below the surface, in a random, naturally generating cave. I’ve had problems with raids before where they spawned underground, but that was because of a creeper hole I had incorrectly filled in.

      This is a whole other matter, however, cause naturally spawning caves is nothing the player can do anything about. And short of doing what I had to do (basically cheat and make a copy of the world with spectator mode), it’s nearly impossible to find them.

      My solution to this is make the spawning mechanics be the same as the players in the sense that they can only spawn with sky above their heads. This would make it impossible for them to spawn underground, so raids wouldn’t be so difficult.

      Below I’ve attached a screenshot from the spectator version of the world, where an evoked and illager have spawned underground. I’ve circled and magnified them.

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