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[Experimental] Duplicate Recipes Being Skipped On Custom Tables


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      In 1.19.50 duplicate crafting recipes now throw content log errors and are skipped unless the recipe is crafted in a block with the tag 'crafting_table' or 'stonecutter'.

      I have a table saw block that acts as a stonecutter for wood, this new update has ruined this block as every recipe has a 'table_saw' tag but despite using a crafting table interface, all recipes except one are skipped. 

      Steps To Reproduce:

      • Create a custom crafting table that uses a custom tag
      • Add two recipes that can only be crafted in this block using the same ingredients but output different items.
      • Attempt to craft both items and observe only one recipe is present
      • Change the crafting tag from the custom tag to 'crafting_table'
      • Go to a crafting table and observe both recipes are now present

      Expected Results:

      • The new system of skipping recipes only applies to furnace and potion recipes (as those would actually cause issues) and shaped recipes are allowed to have duplicate recipes as the crafting book allows the player to select which recipe they'd like to craft.

      Observed Results:

      • Custom crafting tables that don't use the 'crafting_table' tag cannot accept duplicate recipes despite being a crafting table.

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