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Cauldron water briefly changes color when pushed by piston


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      The water in a cauldron that is pushed by a piston will change color just briefly. I came across this when attempting to reproduce the crash caused in MCPE-14805

      Steps to reproduce
      First of all make sure you're testing this in creative.

      • Place down piston or sticky piston.
      • Place cauldron in front of piston.
      • Fill cauldron with water or potion.
      • Place redstone dust and add a lever to power it. (See photo attached.)
        The water in the cauldron will change color just briefly. If that doesn't happen then the game will just crash (see MCPE-14805)

      Edit by SuperGeniusZeb: Fixed in Pushing a cauldron filled with water will always look like it should.

      However, now there is a new bug: pushing a cauldron filled with any liquid will cause the liquid to look like water while it is being pushed.

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