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Albedo colour arrays in texture sets display as completely black


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      Defining a colour array instead of referencing a texture in a texture set now only displays the surface as completely black instead of actually using the defined colour. The attached resource pack uses two texture sets to make the top texture of ancient debris green (0, 255, 0, 255) and the side magenta (255, 0, 255, 255).

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Define the colour layer of a texture set as a colour array. [255,0,255,255] would correspond with magenta.
      2. Enter a world with your texture set applied to any block and view the block.
        (You can do this easily by loading my included resource pack and looking at an ancient debris)

      Observed Results:

      The surface of the block that uses the texture set displays as completely black, regardless of the contents of the colour array.

      Expected Results:

      The surface the texture that uses the texture set should use the defined colour in the texture set's colour layer. This functionality was completely present in previous versions of the game.

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