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Conditional chain command block on repeat command block with always active sometimes ignores delay in ticks


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place repeat command block at the bottom and conditional chain command block at the top
      2. Set the following command in the bottom command block:
        RUA (Repeat, Unconditional, and Always Active):
        /execute as @e[name=diamond] at @s run kill
      3. Set the following command in the top command block:
        CCA (Chain, Conditional, and Always Active) and DITs (Delay in Ticks): 40
        /say Hello
      4. Drop diamond

      Expected Results:
      "Hello" will appear in chat after 40 ticks, or 2 seconds

      Observed Results:
      "Hello" will appear in chat immediately

      It seems doesn't happen if it's placed on top of command block; neither chain nor repeat

      Video (Attention: This is old):

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