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After update to 0.15.3 - App won't start, right back to Android OS - Acer Iconia Tab A500



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    • Affects Version/s: 0.15.3
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      DEVICE = Acer Iconia Tab A500.

      Son had been happily enjoying your app. The app is set to Auto-Update in Google Play. He goes into Google Play the other day, Auto-Update kicks-off. Update seems to run to completion as per norm. Afterward invoking app goes to Blackscreen for a brief bit, then bops back out to OS.

      Steps tried:
      Uinstalled all possible extraneous Minecraft-related apps he had installed on the device. There were a handful. Then did uninstall and re-install of currently avail. version on Google Play. 0.15.3 reinstall seems to go without a hitch. Same issue invoke...blackscreen for a moment, then back to OS.

      Uninstalled again. Tried copying his saved word maps to an external SD... then completely deleted the \com.mojang folder under \games folder. Which only had 3 txt's in it anyway. One was like a UserID value, another held something like data Re: last server he'd joined, then the 3rd had a lot of what I'll assume are a buncha command-line vars for settings within the engine of the game system.

      With the \com.mojang folder completely deleted.. I goto Google Play and do install again. Seems to run to completion fine. Again, invoke, blacksreen, bops right back out to OS.

      Did the latest update change the OS version requirements or something?
      I even tried turning off the Dolby mobile Sound settings. no change. put settings back.

      Internal storage show as 12.71GB Available showing at 7.05GB

      All these attempts were done with power connected to charger, just in case.


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