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Nighttime looks like daytime with RTX enabled


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      In the new Preview version with Raytracing enabled the night looks like daytime but with stars.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Do /time set midnight or to watch it slowly do /time add 200 on a command block with repeat.

      2. See how nighttime looks just like daytime after sunset.

      Observed Results:
      The night is really bright like if it were daytime.

      Expected Results:
      Nighttime should be much darker than daytime.


      I also left a video with the issue and the RTX texture pack I used. I tried two different RTX packs and it had the same effect.

        1. Daytime Bug.png
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        2. DaytimeBugVideo.mp4
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        3. Defined PBR 1.1.8.mcpack
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