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Overworld chunks appeared in nether and caused death



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      Tablet - Android - LG G Pad 7


      End point: I went through a nether portal and found overworld chunks around me, when i walked into them i took damage fast and died

      Setting: realm with one other person online.

      Events leading up to and after:

      1. created nether portal, went through, walked away from portal, was killed by ghast.
      2. went through again to get items, was again killed in same place by same ghast
      3. went through again, got items, then died (this time it did not say killed by ghast, though i was shot by one and on fire)

      4. went through again,
      as i walked to were i died, i encountered several overworld chunks blocking my way, i didnt brake anything because i had no items and could only reach stone.
      This is when i took screenshots.
      I entered a cave in one of the sections and started taking rapid damage, then died. the message read that i died.
      (note these were out of view of my portal)

      NOTE: at this point i left the game to send screenshots to my computer.
      I entered game again

      5. I went into the nether again. this time different chunks were showing, much closer to my portal. I could break the grass on top but no items dropped. I took one more screenshot and went to post here.
      (this is the image were im standing on cobblestone, my portal was under the cobblestone.)

      I will continue to try and see what happens, if anything new I will update

      after writing this i went back into the realm. THIS TIME i was the only player. I went into the nether and there was no more problem.

      this may or may not be important but the portal I made was the second (that i know of) on the world. another player had one but when i saw it it was not on (just obsidian no purple portal)


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