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Can't use "forward" button with touch screen while holding jump/sneak or left button or backward button.


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      On 12.9in touch screen (iPad pro 2020 running iOS 15.6.1) when holding the left button or the jump button or the back word button, the foreword button stops functioning and act if that button is not there (the circle that interact with the world appears).

      steps to reproduce.

      1. Hold left button or jump button or backward button(sneak if without swap jump and sneak)
      2. hold foreword button

      Foreword button act like it’s never there.

      Expected result.

      Both button is clicked and functioning like on a keyboard.

      extra note.

      in the video I clicks the foreword button but holding it down also wouldn’t work.

      this bug seriously impacts gameplay and hopefully it will get fixed soon.

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