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Observers powering redstone dust below do not power components adjacent to the dust


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      I am building a hidden stair case and when attempting to use the observer to power my t-flip flop i realized the pulse dose not effect the t-flip flop.

      After some testing I realized that its pulse doesn't power any block next to it yet when 2 dust away it will.

      The first and second picture show how it doesn't power any type of block, lamp piston and my own problem, the dropper, it doesn't work. The third demonstrates how it dose power the farther piston yet not the close one. This i assume would work with any other block that can be powered (dropper, lamp, etc)

      How to create (its a 1 wide bug so pictures should be better at explaining it)
      1: place a redstone dust
      2: place an observer so it can power the redstone dust
      3: place a lever (or any block that can easily toggle the observer) on top of the observer
      4: place a piston connected to the redstone (horizontal to the observer)
      5: place another redstone dust so the first one points to the first piston
      6: place another piston at the end of the second redstone dust

      Edit by SuperGeniusZeb: Note that pistons are exempt from this bug since they redirect redstone dust.

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