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technical problems with Minecraft game



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      I have played Minecraft for years and on the last 3 updates Minecraft has changed when you are doing anything like opening doors or trapdoors and nocking blocks as doing anything and hearing the background noise and the game loads very slowly and more everything doesn't sound right. For example I open a iron door and normal it clicks and opens, but with all these sound problems I open the iron door it sounds like you just opened 10 and if you mine or place a block and knock it away the game freezes like lag and you hear the sound but the block doesn't dissapear or if you are walking you hold the joystick forward and you don't move at all. you press invantory and it doesn't do anything and then it comes up with loading bar across your screen and if you press to open a furnice or eat you press the button lots it doesn't work straight away.

      I have had help from Minecraft support and I have tried wifi wireless or wired and I have factory reset my ps4 and even tried it on another device the sounds don't be in the same time. I have said to all people on facebook are you having these problems they said yes.

      The game needs to do a mintanance new update and fix everything. 

      I have a video of me playing but think to large to send.

      The problems is still happening over the latest updates in Minecraft bedrock edition ps4 and more has gone wrong 


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