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Super Mario Mash-Up Pack does not appear in Global Resources


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      The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack doesn't appear in Global Resources in Settings.

      Steps to Reproduce:

       1. Open Settings on a Nintendo Switch.
       2. Open the "Global Resources" tab.
       3. Open the "My Packs" menu.
       4. Look for the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack.
       5. See that it is not there.

      Observed Results: The pack is not available in Global Resources.

      Expected Results: The pack to be available in Global Resources.


      The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack isn't supposed to be used in Cross-Platform worlds, (so users on other platforms can't see it), but putting a pack in Global Resources lets you use a Resource Pack in any world, (Including Cross-Platform ones) and only the player who added the pack to Global Resources would be able to see the pack. But you can't add the pack to Global Resources anyways. I think this is a bug.

      This bug relates to MCPE-63439, (also MCPE-64397 because it was a duplicate) but that ticket was closed as Incomplete because the reporter is inactive and did not respond.

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