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Custom music discs cutting off


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      I'm making a resource pack with custom music discs, but some of them cut off. How do I fix this?

      This bug, in my opinion, sucks most of the fun out of custom music discs.

      The audio file is 6 minutes long, but cuts off halfway through. If you're curious, the disc replaces Pigstep.

      And apparently it also affects 5, which I replaced with "It's Just a Burning Memory".

      This should be fixed with all of the discs.

      Oddly, when the music discs cut off, allays and parrots keep dancing.

      I have provided audio files. The sound always stops after two minutes and twenty-eight seconds. It also plays for that long. But the audio file is 6 minutes long. I installed the custom resource pack with DurangoFTP.

        1. 2022-08-10_5-32-28_AM-0rzx4r0v.mp4
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